Suggestions To Expedite Your Healing Ė

Following is a list of suggestions you may follow to expedite your healing. While all of the items in the following list may not specifically apply to your condition, they all have the potential of increasing the flow of Divine Energy through your being and improving your quality of life. 

  1. If you eat animal flesh, reduce or eliminate that from your diet, at least for now. Aside from the health benefits, being a vegetarian is an act of mercy toward the animal kingdom. Based on the law of karma, a person who shows mercy will also receive mercy.

  2. Your thoughts manifest into form. Avoid indulging in negative emotion, such as hate, resentment, ill will toward another, jealousy, egotism, feeling sorry for yourself, etc. This will only draw negative experience to you and cause you to feel worse. It is only natural that we have these thoughts, but dismiss them as soon as you are aware of them. This one practice can improve your life tremendously.

  3. Give and share what you have with others willingly (tithing). When you willingly bestow a blessing upon another, you are thrice blessed. Share your Love and good fortune graciously. You will be rewarded with Gods bounty for your compassion.

  4. Invoke the Law of Forgiveness. Routinely take a little time to forgive all those who may have harmed you and ask for the forgiveness of anyone you may have harmed in all of your past. A step in spiritual maturity above forgiveness is understanding that others have shortcomings as do you, which invokes a sense of Oneness which makes it easier to forgive.

  5. Take inventory of your blessings and indulge in the feeling of gratitude. Get the focus off the things you think you donít have and routinely give thanks for what you do have, and then you will have more to share with others. Gratitude is the attitude of happiness and abundance.

  6. Meditation is food for the soul. Meditate daily and always include in your meditation the intention to be a channel of Divine Healing for every person and every being on Planet Earth. This generates balancing karma. When you are the channel of healing of another, you are also healed. The Twin Hearts meditation is perfect for that. You can find a free sample at Sample Twin Hearts Meditation, yet I advise that you purchase the CD. The Brass Unicorn is where I purchase all my metaphysical supplies because of their high quality offerings.

  7. Do not smoke, drink strong alcoholic beverages, or use addictive or hallucinogenic drugs because of the dirtying and clogging effect on the energy body. Of course you need to follow the protocol of your medical therapy and use the drugs prescribed. Medical care and Divine Healing work hand in hand.

  8. One of the most effective energetic hygiene activities that is one of the simplest and least expensive is to take advantage of the natural cleansing ability of salt. Since it is filled with green prana, salt quickly breaks down old, spent energy that can clog the Chakras. Submerse yourself in a tub of warm water up to your chin with about 2 pounds of regular salt (not epsom) added to the water for about 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times per week. I get 25 pounds for $4 at Costco. It is advised to shower after the bath because of the harsh effect of prolonged salt on the skin.

  9. Seek out venues where you can be in the company of those who are sincere about doing good. Be in the company of others who routinely assist other beings and they in turn will be a channel for your healing.Treating others with Loving Kindness is like making a deposit in the good karma bank.

  10. Love yourself and others equally. Those who care more for others than they do for themselves are constantly preyed upon and leave themselves open to negative experience. Those who care more for themselves than others will prey upon those who do not set healthy boundaries and they will receive thrice their malicious intent. Balance your caring for self with your caring for others and you will achieve a healthy respect in the world, which will propel you a long way down the road of success and health.

  11. Be in the moment where fun lives, where there is no past, where there is no future, and the only commitment is to the moment. There is magic in the moment. When you pay attention to what you are experiencing, feeling, and thinking right now, all of a sudden in a flash, inspiration comes to you. You are most connected with a higher source when you simply observe the moment without desiring to change it. Then you channel and radiate Light and you heal others simply by your Being.

  12. Know that all is perfect- not as we would want it- but perfect from our Soul's perspecive. It is a perfect world- if it were not perfect, it would not happen. Tremendous growth can occur in the midst of harsh conditions. Know that if you are experiencing challenging events- that it is Gods Love at work in your life. Ask not for your troubles to be removed- but for the heart and courage to overcome them. When you overcome them, you will have gained a powerful force that will remain with you for eons.

I have many years experience as an Energy Healer and have given hundreds of healing treatments with numerous testimonials. Pranic Healing can relieve anything the human can suffer from- both physical and psychological. Please contact me if you have any question or if I may be of service in any way.

Atma Namaste
Johnny Pierce